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Survival Mom's Emergency Checklist Collection will get you and your family ready for the next crisis. Thirty-two pages of checklists for pet emergency kits, college student survival supplies, flu/Covid season checklists, emergency food checklists, and more.

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🚩 Red Flag Survival Workshop 2.0

Are you experiencing brain overload and increasing panic due to what you read in the news?


You're not alone.


It feels like we are in uncharted waters, with everything become more and more uncertain by the day.

🚩Prices on everything keep going up

🚩Food production plants, farms, and warehouses are being destroyed

🚩Interest rates, rent, and home prices are increasing

🚩Highly volatile politics in the U.S. and around the world

🚩Shortages of food and supplies riots around the world

🚩Supply chain chaos continues, leading to more uncertainty

🚩Covid restrictions & mandates in some parts of the country

🚩Fears of rising crime and civil unrest

🚩The dollar is facing challenges as the world's reserve currency 


So much is converging, all at the same time.

Don't be overwhelmed! Don't be tempted to quit!

You have far more control over your circumstances than you might think.

Join Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, for a 2-hour workshop, and prepare for those Red Flags!

Lisa's UPDATED Red Flag Survival Workshop will help you create a plan to navigate you and your family through these volatile, unpredictable, and yes, scary times.



  • The importance of creating your own "community within a community" to insulate yourself and your loved ones

  • How a hurricane-prep mindset will help you know exactly what your next steps should be.

  • How to create a Hot Spot inside your home to survive even the coldest winter temperatures when fuel prices become too expensive

  • What your food storage priorities should be so you get the most for your money

  • 5 Ways to add nutrient-dense foods to your emergency food storage so that your health thrives in spite of shortages

  • 8 Totally legit ways to get free and deeply discounted food

  • How to prepare for shortages by stocking up on the most basic and cheapest ingredients.

  • 8 clever strategies for prepping when you or your loved ones are reliant on prescription medications.

  • A game plan for reducing your reliance on transportation in a time of rapidly rising fuel costs.

  • Why relationships may be the most important prep of all and Lisa’s Platinum Advice for knowing who to trust.


Finish the class with a written action plan in hand. You can take action immediately, and you'll know exactly what to do!

Your class includes:

  • A video replay of the live class and all downloads on a web page you can access 24/7
  • A phone app so you can watch or listen to the video replay whenever you want
  • A helpful 29-page workbook with checklists and worksheets
  • Audio-only version of class so you can download and listen from any device
  • Closed captioning
  • Shopping guide with specific brands and products that Lisa recommends


Get Lisa's 13-page "Panic Shopping Checklist" with dozens of must-have prepping supplies. Her checklists make it simple to identify what you have on hand and the most necessary supplies for your family's survival.

What People Are Saying:

Wanted to let you know that the webinar was great! I’m so inspired! The information on Rx and rethinking your garden was especially good for me.


I attended the Workshop yesterday. You really had some great tips for preparing (need it sooner than later - I'm afraid). I have my list and am ready to knock it out.


"That Bonus info really helped to fill in the holes in my preps and other areas." ~David

"Thank you so much! I am excited to start taking action now. Much less overwhelmed. :)" ~Lindsay

"This has been a really good seminar. Thank you Lisa! A good jump start for me!" ~Catherine

You are extraordinary, Lisa. Bonus area is very useful for the list of items. Thanks!!! ~Kimberly