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🚩 Red Flag Survival Workshop

Take action now and create a customized survival plan for your family so that you’re prepared for the Red Flags that concern you the most:

🚩Inflation going up at the highest rate in 50 years

🚩Shortages of food and supplies 

🚩 How the Russia/Ukraine war might affect the rest of the world

🚩Political turmoil

🚩Supply chain chaos 

🚩Covid restrictions & mandates 

🚩Uncertain financial future of the dollar & stock market 


Don't be overwhelmed! Don't be tempted to quit!

Join Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, for a 2-hour workshop, and prepare for those Red Flags!


  • The one thing you should do right now, ASAP, to counteract inflation and shortages.

  • How to create a Hot Spot inside your home to survive even the coldest winter temperatures when fuel prices become too expensive

  • What your food storage priorities should be so you get the most for your money

  • 5 Ways to add nutrient-dense foods to your emergency food storage so that your health thrives in spite of shortages

  • 8 Totally legit ways to get free and deeply discounted food

  • How to prepare for shortages by stocking up on the most basic and cheapest ingredients.

  • 8 clever strategies for prepping when you or your loved ones are reliant on prescription medictions.

  • A game plan for reducing your reliance on transportation in a time of rapidly rising fuel costs.

  • Why relationships may be the most important prep of all and Lisa’s Platinum Advice for knowing who to trust.


Finish the class with a written action plan in hand. You can take action immediately, and you'll know exactly what to do!

Your class includes:

  • 29-page workbook
  • Audio-only version of class so you can download and listen from any device
  • Closed captioning
  • Shopping guide with specific brands and products that Lisa recommends


Get Lisa's 13-page "Panic Shopping Checklist" with dozens of must-have prepping supplies. Her checklists make it simple to identify what you have on hand and the most necessary supplies for your family's survival.

What People Are Saying:

You are extraordinary, Lisa. Bonus area is very useful for the list of items. Thanks!!! ~Kimberly

"This has been a really good seminar. Thank you Lisa! A good jump start for me!" ~Catherine

"Thank you so much! I am excited to start taking action now. Much less overwhelmed. :)" ~Lindsay

"That Bonus info really helped to fill in the holes in my preps and other areas." ~David