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You can never take water for granted!


You don't realize how much you rely on a clean source of water until it's gone, tainted, or rationed.

This course will teach you how to correctly store water, how to purify it, and how to find water in an emergency.

Create a ready-for-any-emergency water survival plan with step-by-step instructions.

You'll receive:

  • 9 individual lessons with simple assignments
  • Specific instructions so you'll know exactly:
    • How much water to store
    • How to conserve the water you have
    • Multiple ways to purify water
    • How to collect rainwater
    • How to be completely prepared for a boil notice
  • A complete, easy-to-read course in water preparedness
  •  A comprehensive, 54-minute video lesson taught by Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom
  • Specific instructions for setting up a frugal Survival Water Supply
  •  The Survival Mom's Own Family Water Usage planner page
  •  ​Survival Water Supply checklist
  • More printables and checklists to help you know exactly what you need. Don't waste money on unnecessary supplies!


What People Are Saying:

I love the conversational tone of the class. It's very easy to read with great ways to implement the lessons right away.

Deborah N.

You covered everything possible! I now need to improve my water storage!

Erin Foster