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Resilient women build families that can weather any storm.

Moms want to be strong for their families but too often we feel the most vulnerable and helpless of all.

When a crisis hits, your family needs your strength to lean on. They need you to be prepared for scary and chaotic times.

Getting prepared for life's ups and downs is easier when you have a clear plan and when you're with friends.

Join us today!

Meet Lisa, The Survival Mom!

Hi, I'm Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom. As a suburban stay-at-home mom, I rarely planned ahead and certainly never gave any thought to preparing for everyday emergencies beyond having a box of band-aids and maybe a flashlight.

Then, in 2009, the unexpected happened --

My husband's business nearly went bankrupt and I found myself wondering what I could do to prepare for the worst case scenario -- loss of our business and our home.

I learned there are many simple, frugal, and common-sense ways to prepare and still live a life full of fun, joyful moments.

That is the Survival Mom Life, and I invite you to walk this journey with me as a member of the Survival Mom Sisterhood.

Join me on this journey!


Become a Founding Member!

Survival Mom Sisterhood is opening its doors for the first time, and you're invited to become a Founding Member.

You will have a huge impact on how this unique membership evolves with your input and involvement. I need YOU to create the best-ever community!

Here's what your membership includes:

Mini Master Classes each month

Say good-bye to overwhelm and confusion! Monthly Mini-Master Classes serve up simple and budget-friendly projects, all designed with the end-goal -- a resilient and prepared home and family.

These Mini-Master Classes will be taught by Lisa and her friends, other experts and authors in the preparedness, family, and natural health circles.

Best of all, these classes are pre-recorded so you can watch them on your schedule.

Live support from The Survival Mom

Get in-person support in monthly live group sessions with Lisa.

Lisa has spent a decade writing, training, and encouraging thousands of people across the globe through her TV and radio appearances, mass media interviews, her blog, and books.

As a member of Survival Mom Sisterhood, you'll meet with Lisa live once a month to get your questions answered and ask her advice.

Above all, a community of amazing women

Your fellow Sisterhood members are from all walks of life and from all over the globe.

Some are young moms, others are grandmas, and still others are single women. Together we have something magical -- we know that the best life is one of resilience, faced with courage.

You'll meet your fellow members in a vibrant, online Community, visit as frequently as you wish, and Lisa will join in!

Here's what other Survival Moms have experienced:

"I have bought kits and survival supplies before from “experts”. I did it because I assumed they knew more than me and because it was easy. But with your instructions, I finally feel like I can do this."


"Over the years of learning from The Survival Mom, our whole family has been fundamentally changed. We've gone from a lifestyle of scrambling when emergencies happen to being prepared. "


Join today!

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Only $14.16 per month!


Move from vulnerability to confidence

Here's what you get with your Survival Mom Sisterhood membership:

✓  Monthly Mini-Masterclasses taught by Lisa and other experts

✓  Printable resources for each month's Mini-Masterclass

✓  Monthly online Q&A sessions with Lisa

✓  An online community with all Sisterhood members -- non-Facebook based!

Don't miss out! Join now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this information available for free online?

Yes, and it's overwhelming! If you have found yourself confused and procrastinating, too much information is a likely culprit.

Survival Mom Sisterhood clarifies specific steps to take to create the prepared home and resilient family you want. Each month focuses on specific steps to take and with a supportive community and accountability, you will make progress!

Is this membership Facebook based?

The software used in this membership has a unique Community that will be part of the membership website.

There will be no need for an additional Facebook group.

When you log in to the membership area, you will be able to chat with other members, share photos, and participate in group chats.

Why should I join as a Founding Member?

Survival Mom Sisterhood is in development and you will be part of its creation! Your suggestions and feedback will be integral as the membership develops.

In this smaller, inaugural group, you will quickly find new friends. It's always fun to be "the first"!

I sign up for classes and never finish them!

You're not alone! The beauty of the Survival Mom Sisterhood is our focus -- making progress each month and not overwhelming you with more information and tasks than you can handle.

The monthly Mini-Masterclass focuses on one skill or area of knowledge -- enough for you to learn, master, and apply. Lisa and your fellow members will be your source of support and accountability.

Can I wait to sign up when your website is complete?

Absolutely! The website will be fully operational by early March and we'll be open again for new members a few weeks later.

However, Founding Members get in on ground-floor with pricing that never increases as long as their membership is maintained. The monthly membership fee will never again be this low.

I can't afford another monthly bill

Lisa is very conscious of family budgets and expenses. She also knows how easy it is to waste money when you aren't sure of priorities or exactly what to buy.

With Lisa's advice and monthly Mini Masterclasses, you will know exactly what to do to better prepare your home and family and how to do it on a budget.

Join the Survival Mom Sisterhood today!

Risk-free guarantee!

I am personally committed to providing you with a membership experience that will bring clarity to your preparedness plans, eliminate information overload so you can focus on your priorities, and a warm community of like-minded women.

If you decide to move on, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time with a simple email. Annual members with their 2 free months have 30 days to check out everything we offer. Annual memberships are non-refundable.


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