Create a home and life that can weather any storm

Moms want to be strong for their families but too often we feel the most vulnerable and helpless of all.

  • Your family needs your strength and confidence in a crisis.
  • They need you to be prepared for scary and chaotic times.


Getting prepared for life's ups and downs is easier when you have a clear plan and when you're with friends.

Join us today!

" I had just finished the 5-Day Challenge and have had Lisa’s book for years, I didn’t hesitate to join the Sisterhood group. I have enjoyed meeting and discussing with the others about our various preparations. The challenges are interesting and provide an experience that I probably would have never done on my own. Being a member has reminded me to not be complacent in maintaining my emergency preparedness!"

Vicki Vestre

Join our Survival Mom Sisterhood!


What would being prepared for anything be worth to you?

  • When a crisis hits, what if you knew exactly how to respond?
  • What if you had the skills and knowledge to take care of your loved ones in a time of fear and panic?
  • What if your home was equipped with all the necessary supplies to endure a long-term emergency, and you had the confidence to lead your loved ones through difficult times?

Here's what you get with your membership

Mini Master Classes each month

  • In 60 minutes or less learn a new skill to help you make progress fast.
  • Activities are simple and budget-friendly.
  • These are taught by Lisa and other well-known experts.
  • Watch replays of these lessons on your schedule.
  • Get printable recipes, charts, worksheets, and checklists for each class.

Access to interactive, online prepping planner

Use Lisa's personal Trello prepping planner to stay on top of your progress.

  • Keep track of inventories.
  • Use your own color coding system to stay organized.
  • Access your planner on your computer or a mobile app
  • Have all your prepping plans, goals, and more right at your fingertips for free!


A new Mini-Challenge each month

Expand your skills and knowledge each month with a new Challenge.

  • Learn something new in just 1 or 2 hours each month.
  • Practical skills to help your preparedness level
  • Past challenges include making a tincture and homemade survival bars.
  • Learn from each other by sharing your Challenge results

Survival Mom Basics for all levels

Eight lessons to help you put the basic pieces of preparedness in place:

  • Water storage instructions
  • Steps to build a 2-week emergency food supply
  • Tips for building a binder of vital documents
  • Help with planning an emergency evacuation
  • A plan for building a rainy-day savings fund
  • Complete all 8 lessons at your own pace.

Friendly, supportive community

Connect with other women who have the same goals.

  • Our members are at every level of skill and knowledge.
  • From all walks of life, all ages
  • Connect with them in the private Community
  • Network in our exclusive, members-only Facebook group
  • Learn from each other's successes and mistakes.

Live support from The Survival Mom

Get in-person support in 2 monthly live group sessions with Lisa.

  • Live video Q&A sessions
  • Sunday Night Pajama Party video chats
  • Email support for your questions

Lisa has spent a decade writing, training, and encouraging thousands of people around the world through TV and radio appearances, her blog, and books. She's here to support YOU!



Here's what our members are saying

"Survival Mom Sisterhood, has been super! It has given me a whole new outlook on prepping and being ready for everyday situations. It has gotten me more organized and stocked...never mind the wonderful classes for learning new things. "

Kathy O'Guinn

Join the Survival Mom Sisterhood!

A masterclass and a new challenge every month! An exclusive online planner and live Q&As within our private community. Get prepared with Lisa's expert help and the support of like-minded women.




Month-by-month auto pay. Just .88 cents per day!





Only $22.58 per month!


What's inside the Survival Mom Sisterhood membership?

✓  Monthly Mini-Masterclasses taught by Lisa and other experts

✓  Printable resources for each month's Mini-Masterclass

✓  Free access to a unique online prepping planner

✓  Monthly mini-challenges!

✓ Survival Mom Basics -- simple lessons to help you get prepared fast!

✓  Two online Q&A sessions with Lisa per month

✓  A private Facebook group

✓  An online community with all Sisterhood members -- non-Facebook based!

✓  Email access to Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, with your questions

✓  A library of hundreds of ebooks and printables

Don't miss out! Join now!

"A majority of [prepping] info was confusing/conflicting, military in style, and geared towards men. I am a mom and just want to help protect my family! After joining, I realized I was in the right place! I am getting great advice each month in amounts I can handle. The atmosphere is easygoing and I can ask questions when needed. I particularly enjoy the mini-challenges each month where I learn new skills."

Laurie Wilkinson

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this information available for free online?

Yes, much of it is, and it's overwhelming! Information overload causes confusion and procrastination. 

Survival Mom Sisterhood sifts through all the fluff, and helps you focus on the nitty-gritty. The survival stuff that really matters.

When an emergency happens, you'll be ready.


Is this membership Facebook based?

Our member website has a unique Community that is not part of Facebook.

When you log in to the membership area, you will be able to chat with other members, share photos, and participate in group chats.

We also have a private Facebook group that is members-only, since we know a lot of our members are active on Facebook. 

How will being a member help me be prepared to survive?

It's all about accountability, networking with like-minded people, and a clear and simple plan to follow.

You won't be on your own, wondering if it's crazy to be prepared -- you'll be in a community of friendly welcoming women, just like you.

Of course, you will get out of it what you put into it, so Lisa adds fun contests (with prizes!) to make the process enjoyable, motivating, and unique.

I sign up for classes that I never finish!

Survival Mom Sisterhood isn't a class. It's a month-by-month process of learning something new and putting into practice.

Our members work at their own pace with the goal of making some type of progress each month.

Lisa and your fellow members will be your source of support and accountability if you need it.

What if I have no experience with prepping?

Some of our members come in not even owning a flashlight with working batteries! Others have been prepping for many years.

Either way, we're all in this together, and you'll find plenty of support with simple lessons and motivating activities. 

You'll be amazed with your progress!

I can't afford another monthly bill

It's easy to panic and buy unnecessary "survival" goods, but Lisa focuses on practical and frugal prepping.

Each month will help you know exactly what to do to prepare your home and family and how to do it on a budget. That clarity will help insure that not a penny is wasted on unnecessary supplies.









Hi! I'm Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom!

As a suburban stay-at-home mom, I rarely planned ahead and rarely gave any thought to preparing for everyday emergencies beyond having a box of band-aids and maybe a flashlight.

Then, in 2009, the unexpected happened. My husband's business nearly went bankrupt, and I found myself wondering how I could be more proactive and get ready for the worst case scenario -- loss of our business and our home.

Here's what I learned:

  • You can get prepared quickly and on a budget.
  • Being prepared, or prepping, isn't extreme or crazy! It's just the way our grandparents used to live. Totally normal!
  • I could have prepared my family and home much more quickly if I hadn't been doing this alone.
  • You can work on preparedness and still live a life full of fun and joyful moments.

That is the Survival Mom Life, and I invite you to step up and walk this journey with us as a member of the Survival Mom Sisterhood.


My personal guarantee to you

I am personally committed to providing you with a membership experience that will bring clarity to your preparedness plans, eliminate information overload so you can focus on your priorities, and a warm community of like-minded women.

If you decide to move on, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time with a simple email.

If you join using the Annual membership option and decide within the first 30 days that you're not satisfied, you'll be issued a full refund. After 30 days, the Annual membership is non-refundable.



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