How fast could you get ready for another wave of pandemic, riots, or recession?


Create a safe refuge for your family with Survival Mom's training and tools.


It's not a matter of if these waves will happen, but when.

Being prepared has never been more urgent. You want to be prepared for another lockdown, food shortages, violent riots, and political unrest.

If you're informed of current events, you know we're in uncharted waters. Not even the experts seem to know what will happen next.

The important question is how can YOU prepare and move forward so your family is safe and cared for?

There is so much you have no control over, and yet, what is most important to your family's well-being you CAN control!

Survival Mom's Second Wave Workshop gives you the information and tools you need to make this happen.

Walk away with a step-by-step plan that fits your family, your needs and your budget.


What will you learn in this workshop?

You'll walk away with a specific roadmap to follow so your family is prepped for the next 60 days and beyond. 

As national and world events heat up, this timing is crucial, and you want to be ready.

With Lisa's instruction and guidance, you will create an organized plan so your home and family will have everything necessary:

  • If there is another lockdown or virus outbreak, you'll have everything you need.
  • If violent riots hit too close to home, your home will be a self-reliant refuge.
  • In case a worst-case scenario finds you on the road, your vehicle will be equipped for survival.
  • Food and supply shortages won't catch you by surprise this time!
  • If there's a family sickness, including the coronavirus, you'll have what you need to provide care.

Second Wave Survival Workshop is packed with organized information and instruction, but more importantly, it's a hands-on class! 

You'll be actively making your own lists and written plans with Lisa's guidance as well as in small networking groups.

If you're concerned about the next 60 days and beyond, this class is for you.

If you've realized that even the best-trained and informed experts are just as confused as you, this class is for you!

Immediately upon registration and payment, you'll have access to Lisa's video class, a workbook that will help identify exactly what to do next, an exclusive online planner, and checklists so you will know for sure that you're prepared!

The Second Wave Survival Workshop includes:

Online Planner to Stay on Track

Lisa has created a unique online planner designed just for this course.  You can access it on your computer and your smartphone! It will give you all the guidance you need with lists, guides, and resources.

Instruction from The Survival Mom

This class is based on common-sense advice for families like yours, no matter where you live. Family-centered and budget-friendly -- YOU can get prepared right now without waiting.

Printable checklists to help you prep fast

From inventory checklists, a workbook, a planning calendar, and monthly To-Do lists, Lisa has you covered! 

Know exactly what to do, what to buy, & what to learn

You'll have at your fingertips the specific tasks and products you need so your family is fully ready for the next 60 days.

Curious about that online, electronic planner?

Anyone can easily learn to use this planner!

Lisa has designed an electronic planner just for this workshop. It contains everything you'll need to get prepped and stay focused. 

Take a look at how this planner incorporates your personal checklists, reminders, holds your printable resources, and organizes everything in one place.

Even better, you can use this planner on your computer AND on your smartphone so these resources will always be convenient and at your fingertips.

Not tech-savvy? No worries! This class comes with a video tutorial that gives you step-by-step instruction.


Start prepping today for the next wave.

If there's one thing we've learned since Covid 19 appeared on the world stage, it's to expect the unexpected and that worst-case scenarios can and will happen.

Prepare for those waves so you can be sure your family is safe and your home is prepared.


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"I believe every family can be prepared without spending a fortune or becoming survivalists!"

I've taught thousands of families how to prepare for everyday emergencies and worst-case scenarios.

You know your family better than anyone and with the right training and tools, you can protect your family if the worst happens. 

Why spend time worrying about "what if?" when you can take actions that help ensure your family's safety?

Why worry when you can be ready?

Another lockdown?

More food shortages?

Spiraling inflation?

More violent riots?

is highly possible.

When you have the tools, training, and knowledge, you can be confident your home and family is ready.