Is your family ready to survive a major summertime crisis?

Learn how to prepare for and survive summer events that could endanger your loved ones.


Summer Survival School will equip you to survive a wildfire, summer power outages, heat waves, hurricanes, and more.

Summer disasters create life-threatening scenarios

✓ What happens when the power goes out at the hottest time of the year?
✓ How do you handle sweltering heat without passing out?
✓ Summer floods are common. Do you know how to prepare for those?
✓ If a wildfire or hurricane is nearby, are you ready to evacuate? What do you pack and where do you go?

With the right information and tools, you'll be confident and ready.

"Lisa is the best! She's been at this a while. Wish FEMA would contact her and televise some of her lectures!"

Debbie A.


  • Wildfires destroy in seconds.

  • Power outages create fatal temperatures for loved ones & pets.

  • Floods ruin a lifetime of hopes and dreams.

  • Hurricanes and powerful thunderstorms rip apart buildings and devastate entire cities.

Sometimes the only way to survive is to escape, but how and where do you go?


Whatever the summer and hot weather brings, you'll be ready with the right supplies, gear, and a plan to follow!

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✓ Learn how to cope with power outages and dangerous indoor and outdoor temperatures.

✓Learn how to recognize and treat heat exhaustion and make plans to care for vulnerable loved ones.


When the heat becomes too much:

✓ Learn how to assemble a fast-escape evacuation kit.

✓ Know when to go, where to go, and what to pack.


✓ Hurricanes

✓ Floods

✓ Wildfires

✓Drought, record heat



✓ 5 video lessons taught by Lisa, The Survival Mom:

✓ The Basics of Summer and Heat Survival

✓ Survival Water and Food for Summer Scenarios

✓ Get Your Home Base Ready

✓ How to Plan a Quick Life-saving Evacuation

✓ Survival Tips for Summer's Natural Disasters: Wildfires, Hurricanes, Heat Waves, and Floods

✓ 46-page course workbook with worksheets and checklists



If you're on Facebook, join the members-only Summer Survival School group.  

✓ Ask questions, get advice, solve each other's survival dilemmas

✓ Learn more about each lesson from networking with other students

✓ A students-only group keeps your confidential conversations private.


Summer disaster scenarios happen fast. Be ready with Quick Action Kits you can make yourself.

✓ Instructions and checklists to assemble smart Quick Action Kits

✓ Power Outage kit equipped with supplies and gear to see you through hot, dark nights

✓ No-Cook Meal Kit for power outages and evacuations

✓ Fast Evac Kit you can grab at the last minute to get to safety FAST.


"Love it! Lisa has such good, down to earth suggestions. No fear. Good common sense."

Judy H.

"The Survival Mom has made it possible and exciting for anyone to adapt individually to the process of preparing."

Charlotte R.

"I really enjoy Lisa’s ideas...easy and simple tips...that decrease the anxiety I have of the mountains of information that are out there. Her suggestions are practical and doable. "

Debbie T.

"Lisa has great info designed to make you think about preparedness -- about what could happen and about being a regular mom that wants to make sure her family is taken care of. Never feel like it's the Preparedness Police telling me absolutes. "

Traci S.

Home Generator BONUS training!

A generator can help you survive the heat when the power goes out, but which one do you buy and do you really need one?
Learn all about choosing and selecting a generator from a pro, who happens to be Lisa's husband, Stephen. Stephen was the coordinator for home generator sales for a major energy company.
  • Learn how to decide if you really do need a generator. (Surprise! You might not!)
  • Learn how to calculate the size of generator you need.
  • Get the inside scoop on major brands of home generators.
  • Learn why a solar generator might not be all it's cracked up to be.
Get instant access to this exclusive video lesson with the purchase of Summer Survival School.

"Loved this presentation! Your husband’s knowledge helped us decide on our generator needs...thanks Stephen!" ~Vicki V.

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Learn from The Survival Mom

I'm Lisa Bedford, and I have spent my entire life sweating!

I grew up in Phoenix and moved to southeast Texas five years ago. I've had to learn how to apply my own survival principles and techniques to hot temperatures.

I've spent a decade teaching families how to prepare for the worst with common sense, no-fear advice. Summer Survival School is designed to equip you with the most important information and training so you can be the Survival Mom for your loved ones.

No Strings Attached, Money Back Guarantee

It’s very important to me that you are satisfied with this course. That’s why it comes with a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. A quick email request and we’ll refund your money. You can purchase this course with peace of mind, knowing it comes with a hassle-free, money back guarantee.


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